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Anyone tried to remove the shifter bezel? Have screwed with mine for over an
hour and have given up for the day before I use a crowbar and really get it open.
Been trying to install gauges and either the instructions lie or mine doesn't
have the pigtail even though the wiring diagram shows it. Have tried fishing with a coat hanger and can't find the wire.
I was trying to open the bezel and get down under the carpet and see if it's down there closer to the main harness.
Next step is to remove drivers seat and pull the carpet up if I can't get the bezel off without breaking it.
If that doesn't work, a can of gas should do it.
(yes, I'm kidding but it would take care of the bezel removal)

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Gauge wire problem?

Don't do it!

Hey, it's a pain but "patience grasshopper" , I didn't exactly find my pigtail where the plans showed either. After you cut out the carpet panel and padding, you should be able to find the wire "LOOP" taped together and to the floorboard just underneath the driver side and front corner of the console.You should feel the loop and be able to tear the tape loose to extend the pigtail out from under the console.This takes a little effort,I had to get my hand way up in there to reach it.
Good luck and have faith.I didn't think it was there either.
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