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Well, as many of you know I have been trying to reorganize and or perhaps even clean out some of my 16 years of SSR memorabilia. Today I found myself trying to reorganize my SSR binders so I thought I would ask our members if they would want to share what type of binders/ folders do you use to show off to your friends and or at Car Shows etc. I have 3 leather binders that I store pretty much all my SSR paper work, photos, emails and other pertinent documentation in. (I have backups in case I lose the binders)

Please share what you use for I may pick up some extra nice ways to better store and or display my documentation and other stuff. :)

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The previous owner was very diligent at keeping records of everything - big plus when trying to put a value on a vehicle! Everything was stuffed into a couple of file folders though. So about this time last year I spent a day or two sifting and collating to come up with two binders, one for any and all maintenance and the other has all of the receipts for everything that's been customized and/or added on (a LOT from Simple Engineering). ;) Put each page in a plastic sleeve. Plus I scanned it all so there's a digital copy just in case. But leafing through the pages is a lot more fun. I've added to both since.

The binders were re-purposed so they aren't as fancy as Marc's but I leave them open in the bed at car shows so no one's the wiser. :)

I also have a copy of Hemmings Motor News that featured the SSR on the cover from last year. I put it next to the binders along with some other trinkets like our Maisto 1:18 scale SSR and such.

We had a show card made too. I bought a frame for it this year to take to Penticton, but... :cautious:. It'll all be ready for next year though. (y)

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Files for each collector vehicle I’ve owned are typically organized by subject and contain all information related to that subject over the course of ownership. Some basic file categories are:

Purchase Info (bill of sale, copies of titles and registrations)
Previous Owner History
CarFax or AutoCheck Reports
Copies of Extended Warranties
Service and Maintenance Information, e.g. date and mileage of oil changes
Modifications (type of modification, date and mileage at installation)
Factory Documentation (e.g., invoice, window sticker, build sheet, sales catalogs, paint color chip cards, sales training materials, etc.)

For collector vehicles with special history I compile and collect as much information as possible to develop a profile of how the vehicle differs from regular production and/or what information exists to support its use and history. If it participated at an event or if it is associated with a particular celebrity or prominent person I research and obtain documentation to confirm the claim. This typically leads to photos, video, letters, e-mails or telephone calls with people with first-hand knowledge for corroboration. Published articles or press releases are often good sources from which to initiate a search.

Where warranted, I also prepare a narrative (story) of the history of the vehicle from original owner to present that includes information about each owner and his/her remarks about ownership based on e-mail correspondence or telephone calls with those previous owners. Although this takes some time, it becomes a ready reference that precludes having to sift through pages of data to piece together related information derived from multiple sources.

A photo file showing the vehicle as purchased, including detailed photos of the engine compartment and chassis, is part of the file, along with photos showing modifications as they are made, as well as photos in its last configuration before the vehicle is sold.

The compilation of information might be either in three-ring binders or folders in a file cabinet, but in either case is segregated by index tabs by subject. Making electronic backup of hard copy files is a project as well but a good idea for unique items.

Having done this type of research for years it is straightforward for me to compile and organize the information, but it does not mean any of it ever becomes easier to find for the next vehicle that comes into the family!

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Here is Mine, I was fortunate to get all the paper work from the truck when it was new. I have the certificate of origin. the original build sheet, and even the shipping tag from the trucking co. The dealer gave me all the posters and sales info out of the show room and the RPO Code listings from the book they placed orders from. I have all the maintenance and parts records and all the accessory installation sheets.
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