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I have a set of these out of my
`04 for sale.

New never used.

G.M list $489.
G.M partsdirect $410.

My price $200. + UPS shipping cost.


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I have a set of these too that I don't intend to use. So if anyone else was looking for a pair, send me a note. Thanks! Jim

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Just One Saddle Bag

I am interested in owning just one side storage saddle bag.
Two take up too much room.

Is anyone interested in splitting a pair?
Please let me know if anyone is willing to sell just one . . .

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Looking for Side Saddles and Wind suppressor

I am looking for side saddle storage compartments and the wind suppressor for my '04 - if anyone has them for sale, please e-mail me at [email protected], thanks!
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