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I was curious, today was warm, in the 50's and I was pulling out as usual making a left turn and suddenly the rear wheels slipped out from under me and I fishtailed like crazy! Glad there were no other cars on the road or near me at the time, but I thought it odd that it would do this when it did'nt do it in the snow? Do you think my traction control is off or non functional? According to the manual, if the TCC light is on then the traction control is off. It shows a TC with a slash through it. When no light shows on the dash, TC is supposed to be on right? Or am I misinterpreting the manual? An ideas from you mechanicaly inclined techies out there would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

If the traction control is off there should be a light on the dash showing that it is off. I've had two Corvettes with active handling and traction control and I've fishtailed in both with the traction control on but it only happened when I kicked in the afterburners.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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