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window alignment

HI Bert,

I have seen some grease streak marks on my windows but haven't seen that problem yet. (I might be soon) :confused

However, I did take mine in for a window adjustment because it was catching/rolling up the roof molding when I closed the door. What the dealer told me was that they downloaded an update and reprogramed the module. The window seems to be working better now.

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They need to be "felt" up!

Bert007 said:
My SSR has been in the shop twice it's in there right now with side window scratches outside and inside. anyone else having this problem?
Yep, it is a bad mistake on GM's part to have decided to leave the "felt" off the inside panel which touches the glass. Other manufacturers have also made the mistake. Only Dodge admits it and offers a replacement felt to solve the problem. You can take yours to a competent window tinter and he can add the felt to the inside to stop the scratching. Why don't you do that and take Chevy the bill for it! :glol If enough SSR owners had bitched about this, GM would have corrected it.
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