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Howdy All, my name is Mike and I have a machinery problem, I just cant get enough of it. Its nice to be here, after lurking for awhile I didn't see the point of posting anything until I bought a truck...
So I bought a truck!!! A nice silver 2004 SSR sort of fell into my lap at a good time as I had cash in hand and the price was very nice... Good overall condition, I would give it a 9 out of 10. The plan is to get it home and change all the fluids, buy it a new battery, fix the cup holder, and get to know my new toy a little better.
I should have photos up by Saturday evening if all goes according to plan.

Best Wishes: Mike

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Congrats Mike & Welcome from Northern California. I saw on your profile that you listed Murrieta as your hometown but didn't list a state. What part of the country are you in? Update that info and I'm sure local fanatics will be reaching out to help you learn all the little tips and tricks with these awesome vehicles.

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Hey Mike,

Welcome to the family from Middle Georgia and congrats on purchasing the SEXIEST of all SSRs...the 2004 Ricochet!! :silver:

OK, I get "Sierra Hotel", as an old Air Force guy we use it quite liberally to imply that something is really awesome or "Sh!t Hot", which these vehicles definitely ARE!! :grin2:

(Had to look up Snoo Snoo... >:) what a way to go!!):wink2:

But it's the Bombs (or appearance of bombs) as your avatar that I would like to know more about...what are they!?

Also curious about the last five digits of your VIN...mine was number 09310 on the assembly line...what about you?

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