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Motor Trend TV had a segment on the SSR this past weekend. I believe it was on the Speed channel. Sorry about being so vague but having Tivo frees me from the network schedule and therefore I don't really pay much attention to exactly when it airs and from which channel it was recorded. If no one else has the specifics I can check my Tivo and get the specifics (I saved the program).

I believe it was #23 of the first 25 SSRs.

I thought I heard them say the weight was a hefty 3700 pounds!. I wish! It's 4700 pounds! They also thought the interior materials felt and looked cheap, especially for a $45,000 car.

I was not impressed with the story since they seemed to have a problem getting the statisics right.

They show the top being lowered and show it cruising around.

They basically take a wait and see approach as to whether it will be successful. They thought GM's money might have been better spent on a new Camaro. They made the often heard remark, "It's more of a boulevard cruiser than a race car, 0-60 in 7.7 seconds".

If I get time I'll watch it again tonight to get more details. I thought I'd go ahead and post this ASAP just in case it reruns soon.


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"Motor Trend TV" had Signature truck #22 - a press truck.

Next showings on SpeedChannel are:

Monday 8/18 @ 8:30pm (Pacific)
Thurs 8/21 @6:30am
Sat 8/23 @ 10:00am

Also check out Spike TV (The new TNN) - the show 'Trucks' had Signature #12 (Gibson Guitar version) highlighted... Gibson made a one off guitar that looks like the front end of the SSR - same violet.purple cocor. Too Nice to describe!!!

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Thanks - good job on the diggin.

I've got to do some checking on that. Keith says Motor Trend TV had #22, but Motor Trend and Truck Trend (the glossy paper version) had #23 - seems a bit odd that they would have used two different trucks.
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