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If interested, I have a 2004 loaded (all options) for sale for 46500. I am only selling because my wife told me I need to decide if I want to look cool or get my doctorate...actually I would rather look cool but you get the drift. So I am selling this baby, but between school and work I never can drive it anyway. It has only 200 miles. I am located in Kansas City. The car has no damage, nomarks, never sat in on passenger side. This is an as new car. If you have priced these you the price is the price. so email if you have questions at [email protected]. No dreamers please.

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I guess when you get your doctorate you can get another then. Lots of luck on the sale. BTW I picked up mine up from the dealer. Paint looks real good they took the bumper off to fill the holes from the back and painted. They couldn't fix the window seals so they ordered more. Supposed to be in Monday @ 4. So I will take it back for the day when they come in. It was nice to see the SSR when I drove in. put the smile back on my face.

The dealer also has a Silver SSR on the floor, came in on Friday. That other dealer I didn't buy from had one Red, and Yellow. Just in case anyone cares. Now if only the weather will clear up.............. Happy Cruisin
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