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Installed LST Roof struts from Mike, took me about 30 minutes to get it done, solo.
I followed the instructions that came with the set and did not run into any issues, just as suggested in the instructions I used three screwdrivers of various size.

My thanks go out to Mike for a very well designed installation tool and for supplying the premium components for our trucks.

This was part of preventive maintenance for my SSR, there was nothing wrong with the roof operation, yet I am in the process of installing Mike's components wherever possible.
The old, original, struts looked fine, no leaks and no squeaks. Thus I wanted to see how much of a measurable difference the new LST struts made.

I timed the roof operation, from the fully stored position with windows down to the chime
1. original struts - 23 seconds
2. LST struts - 20 seconds
This is a 13% improvement in the roof operation speed, I'm glad to see the new struts are making a difference and also that original struts were carrying the weight even after 15 years.

thanks again Mike.
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