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Skip Shift on the SSR?

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Hi All,

The Local Chevy Dealer has said that my noisy shifts, and some time not very smooth shifts, is due to "skip shift". The trouble mostly happens at lower rpms, when I going easy. I checked the forums and it seems as though the SSR does not have the "feature" on the six speed manual transmission. I also checked the owners manual and there was no mention.

Can anyone authoritatively confirm or deny if the SSR has skip shift.

I had never heard of skip shift before today.
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The 6 speed trans in the 05 SSr does have the skip shift. It only works when the engine temp is above 169 degrees, the vehicle speed is between 15 and 19 mph and the throttle position is less than 21% all this info is right out of G.M. service information. We have an 06 on the lot that I was going to by and it has skip shift.
I'm sorry I have fat fingers, I ment an 05 with a 6sp trans
1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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