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Skip Shift on the SSR?

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Hi All,

The Local Chevy Dealer has said that my noisy shifts, and some time not very smooth shifts, is due to "skip shift". The trouble mostly happens at lower rpms, when I going easy. I checked the forums and it seems as though the SSR does not have the "feature" on the six speed manual transmission. I also checked the owners manual and there was no mention.

Can anyone authoritatively confirm or deny if the SSR has skip shift.

I had never heard of skip shift before today.
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Dealer Report

Thanks for all the info.

This is what the dealer gave me last night.

It is Document ID#848520

I am going to summarize the document.

Skipshift solenoid is a performance feature which forces the driver to shift from first to fourth gear during light acceleration. The Skip shift system consists of teh following components:

Powertrain control module (PCM)
The skip shift solenoid
The skip shift lamp

The PCM will engage the skip shift system when the following conditions are met:

The vehicle speed is between 15-19mph
The engine coolant temperature (ECT) is greater that 171 F
The BARO is greater that 76 kPa
The Accelerator pedal postion is less that 26 percent

Now for my editorial. I complained about noisy and rough shifts at lower RPMs between all gears. I never once mention getting locked out of second, which I never have been locked out of, and after reviewing the documentation, i either do NOT have skip shift or it is broken. Where is the the skip shift lamp?

I had never heard of "skip shift", and I wanted more info, they did not want to give me any info over the phone, but promised the document that I summarized above.

I feel like the dealer just wanted to push me off. To make matter much worse, they called and told me this at 3pm. they said they had to finish some other items up on my truck, and they would call when it was ready. they close at 7:30pm. At 7:20 pm I show up at the dealer, everyone except for one or two people were left. THEY NEVER CALLED ME. This is my first time at the service center. I thought that would have done a better job to make a better first impression. I am steaming mad about not getting a called.

Any advice would be helpful. I am trying to calm down to call them and straighten out the skip shift item.
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1 - 2 of 22 Posts
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