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Thought this might interest some of you, with your Nomads and PickUps! :flag

Saturday March 12th at Pacific Coast Hwy and on the Pier Plaza Area of SurfCity USA!!

The 5th Annual "BeachCruiser" meet is open to all "BeachCruisin" vehicles manufactured thu 1967. If you have hauled your board, buddies or babes in it - it's a beachcruiser!! The event is open to all station wagons, sedan deliveries, convertibles, vw transporters, nomads, woodies, pick ups and other "BeachCruisers" of the Era.

The meet will be held on main street, Huntington Beach, from pacific coast highway inland 3 blocks to orange avenue and on the pier plaza on the west side of PCH and in the beach-front parking lot to the north of the pier. The event starts at 7 am and trophies will be presented at 2:15 pm In all classes for both stock and modified. Additional trophies will be awared by the mayor of Huntington Beach, for Surf City's choice. Chris Messano Woodworks for the "Best Wood", Meguiars for the "Best Shine" Jack's for the "Best 60's Surfer", 76 for the"Longest Distance" and Dukes for the "Sweetest Ride".

Registration is $20 in advance or $30 the day of the event. Registrations will be confirmed via Email and a rain date will be provided. In addition, there will be hourly raffles with a chance to win a specially made Heritage Longboard. Entrants goodie bags will be provided at check-in on 5th street. $5 discount coupons for event T shirts and posters will be included. And a quality commerative souvenier will be given to all participants turning in their completed ballots by 12:00.

For Added Info and Registration Forms: Bob Jimenez (949) 574.7494, Joseph Alphabet (949) 650.1322 or Tom Long (760) 723.9833 or email at : [email protected]

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When I lived in Long Beach (70's and early 80's) I had a '59 TR-3 that spent a lot of time not only going to the beach, but riding along the surf. Would that qualify? Damn - it took a lot to get all that sand out of the interior.
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