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I was asked to put some ideas up for some So Cal places to meet - sorry I'm late Axiom..

1) Main Street Garden Grove - Friday night cruise in, starts at 4:00 pm. They have music, awards, 50/50, raffle etc. With some planning, like picking a date I can make arrangements for them to set aside a number of spaces on Main St for SSRs - just need the count and date.

2) Seal Beach Main Street car show Sat April 23. Flyer is

3) Huntington Beach Concours d'Elegance June 5. Flyer is

That should be enough to start talking.

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Cruising Grand Escondido

The first cruise is April 1st, Don't be a fool on April 1st, be in Escondido. This is a great 2 miles of custom cars lining all streets, and bumper to bumper crusing up and down the main drag. 60 & 70'S time machine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :leaving
Ted :seeya
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