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So I stopped by a car show...

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Last friday (my first friday evening with the SSR) I decided to go pick up a pizza, instead of delivery go figure :lol
On the way back home I passed by a small cruise in/car show. I figured what the heck looks like they have a couple model A's out there (my dad and I restore them) as well as a few corvettes and some costom rods..
I pull in and park off to myself and head out for some cool carshow fun.
As I walked about the cars in the collection I took note of a nice 28-29 A that was all original (I like em better that way personaly) and a really tricked out Vicky. There were also maybe 8-10 Vettes and a whole buncha late 60's early 70's muscle cars.. Was a pretty cool show.. I remembered my pizza cooling in the passenger seat and decided I would buy myself a drink at the concessions stand and go have a slice or two.
Much to my honest supprise half or better of the people at the show had wandered out into the parking lot and where standing around my 04 Slingshot.
Supprise turned to pride (much like a father seeing his son smash the winning ball over the fence or his daughter kick the poo out of her opponent at her TaeKwanDo Tourny.. Or other similar things) as everone started asking questions and wanting to see under the hood, the bed and even lay down on the parking lot to slide under to see all of the SSR.
I didn't pull in there looking for attention, honestly... But it felt good having everyone around asking about the lil yellow truck and all its bells and whistles.
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Its behind the driver seat in the little black box
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