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This evening I took the plunge go to a full on lifetime membership. This forum has been so valuable to my new ownership of my cherry 2003 SSR. I am so glad I found all you guys and gals.

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Wise decision and thanks for supporting the Forum. I did the same thing back in 2014. Joined for a month and then went life member. Never looked back. Here is a tip. If when you first signed up you did auto renewal through PayPal you need to go into that account file and stop the auto renewal. Otherwise they will take $25 out every year on your anniversary renewal date. PayPal burned me for $25 before someone helped me figured that out. Good luck.

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Welcome and thanks for the support. The tag line on your signature would make a great slogan for a business card for SSR Fanatic as well. Very fitting.
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Smart move Stew...I don't think you'll ever regret that investment.

I did the annual membership the first year; then thought, I'm never selling this vehicle, so I went Lifetime before year two started.
But I, like the others (mentioned above by Auggie Doggie), forgot to cancel my PayPal reoccurring annual membership.
Sure enough, I got a $25 charge from PayPal within a month of paying for the Lifetime subscription.
The keepers of the forum finances did eventually reimbursed me my $ it all ended well.

Probably not even an issue for you; but we do like to discuss it here.
Just to remind anyone else out there that is on the fence about going Lifetime!!

Again, Welcome to the family and congrats on your new purchase!!
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