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The new SSR commercial will air Sunday!

From Ad Week: <>

DETROIT Chevrolet will air three "American Revolution" spots during the Super Bowl on Sunday, the company's first presence on the game in more than 15 years.

The General Motors marque will air one 30-second commercial in the first quarter and two 15-second spots in the second quarter, all by Campbell-Ewald in Warren, Mich.

"With 10 new cars and trucks being introduced over a period of 20 months, there's no better place than the Super Bowl to make a bold statement that something big is happening at Chevrolet," said Brent Dewar, the brand's general manager.

Two all-new vehicles representing the breadth of Chevy's product family will be showcased in the ads: the SSR roadster pickup and the entry-level Aveo car. The 30-second "Soap" opens with successive shots of children, each with a bar of soap in his or her mouth. The spot cuts to a boy who is mesmerized by the sight and sound of a bright yellow Chevrolet SSR, as the unit's hardtop converts into an open-air roadster.

In the second quarter, the automaker will break two 15-second spots for the Aveo. "Pachyderm" shows an elephant going down a city street, as if chased out of town by an Aveo that follows it. In "Big Little," four basketball players who enter the car look like little kids in big seats, highlighting the small vehicle's roominess.

After premiering on the Super Bowl, the commercials will play in Chevy's regular TV rotation. "Soap" also will appear as a cinema ad.

The "American Revolution" TV campaign debuted with a 60-second anthem spot called "Car Carrier" on New Year's Eve.

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New ssr Ad

Did anyone see the Country Music Festival on tv last night.? There was a GREAT chevy commercial on and the :ssr was FEATURED. It was sooooo cool. :cool I'm a fan of "BIG AND RICH" and it was great to see my favorite truck teamed up with my favorite country music performers. TOO COOL :flag :party :party :cheers
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