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Soft Bag Update

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HI group,

There have been a few of our members asking me how soon will the soft saddle bags will become available... here is the latest update I received from Bob W. as of this AM.


.... The soft bags should be ready shortly. I was in a meeting Friday, and the only hold back is GMSPO pulling accessory part numbers. I plan to provide to you a complete list of accessories, prices and GMSPO part numbers that you can post as you see fit.

Woodward is still a possibility, but needless to say, there are a lot of expenditures in general that are being reassessed.

LCC should be open, as the 2006 MY start up is 8/1/05, so we should be fine there. ......

.... I will be in touch soon on the colors. I believe we send out our 2006 ordering information this week. Once I confirm, I will let you know.

Bob Walczyk
SSR Product/Marketing Manager
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Thanks for the update. Keep up the hard work you are doing great.
Thank you Marc and Bob for keeping us up to speed!
Hey Marc

Are you taking orders ? :glol

I would like one of this and some go :lol :party
Soft Storage Bag

Just picked up the soft storage compartment from my parts dept. 2 1/2 feet log, 1 foot wide and 8 inches deep. Great amount of storage are, pleanty of handles to move it around, and good storage areas around the sides. Good price at $134.00, (employee price).
Mike :cool
Storage bags

Hey Mike,
Is that the one big one that goes across the back ? Are you going to get the other ones ? Chris :flag
Great price!

Watch Six said:
... Good price at $134.00, (employee price).
Mike :cool
Hey Mike,

Is Employee price 10% off List?

To Devistator, Yes, that the big rectangular storage bag for the front or rear of the bed. I'm not going with the soft saddle bags, have more than enough storage in the main area, don't need the side storage.

To Mark, that dealer cost plus 10%. All parts for employees at that rate. Makes it easy to spend lots of $$$$ :lol
Mike :cool
Storage Bags

Watch Six,

Do you have the part # ? Chris
Part Number

Per our parts department, the parts number is (drum roll).... #17800245, listed as a Cargo Organizer. Hope this helps.
Mike :cool
Parts #

Thanks Watch Six ,
Can you get the part # for the other soft bags ? Thanks Chris :thumbs
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