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Soft Paint?

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Today it was in the lower sixties, so I washed my baby. I was so bummed!!!!! The paint in front of the rear wheel well looked as if it had over spray on, grayish white. I discovered to my horror that it was the paint or I guess the clear coat. It almost looks as if it was sandblasted!!! This isn't my first black truck/car, I had others for years and not had them look this bad!!! Anyone else have this problem??? :cry
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Chip Guards

One thing you might check into is the spray plateing like RICK418CARS has on his custom SSR :cool (CHECK HOT ROD POWER TOUR THREAD AND LOOK FOR THE PIC OF THE COPPER AND CREAM COLORED SSR).
I have checked with one company named GoldTouch inc. That sells the equipment for this operation. You may contact them to see if there is some one close to your area that has the equipment and would be willing to do a set for you. As I understand it from the brochures I recieved, the top coat can be tinted for differant colors (ie. chrome red, chrome blue, maybe even chrome black) Their web site is and the contact I had was Frank Petriello, 1-800-940-7874. :thumbs
I was looking into getting a system from him, but just couldn't part with that kind of cash right now.
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