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Soft Side Saddle Bags

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:cool Here are some pictures of them installed. these are cool. takes about 5 seconds to take one out. each 1 comes with a shoulder strap so you can carry like a overnite bag. several pockets. I like!! If I were buying a new one these are what I would get. much cheaper ordered with SSr. :ssr :thumbs :flag :seeya


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Soft Bags

I just put in my order for these bags on
They where part # 17800248 $ 205.10 s/h $41.02
total $ 246.12

The cargo organizer is part # 17800245 . $110.60 s/h $ 22.12
total $ 132.72
Saving Money So We Can...

:party :party :party :cheers :party

Chris :jester
Soft bags

Hey Richard ,
First of all , Thanks for the post with the web site who did your badge. I just ordered one for mine ! :thumbs

If you do a search , I believe MarcNY had a post with pictures of both bags on it.

Chris :flag

Hey houtex,
the part # is for 1 set ( 2 side bags ) , the other # is for the big bag ( cargo organizer ) Chris :flag
1 - 4 of 35 Posts
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