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Hello SSR Fanatics!

I am going to test the waters here...

I am selling my 2004 SSR with 45,942 miles, and those miles will continue to go up. It is not perfect, as it has been a daily driver for me since last year, and it has normal wear and tear. It will come complete with hard cases and soft cases, passenger and driver side cup holders (Yes, the ones that slide into place.) Everything works and everything is stock. The 6 CD changer and radio is stock and works. The top goes up and down. The bed of the truck does work, but it more than likely will need modifications to the actuator and/or the hydraulics. The left tail light is cracked. Yes, the roof does leak, but I have never been concerned with that, and it is not that bad. This is not my first convertible, and my other convertible vehicles also leaked, but it was not much. I love the SSR, but it just is not practical for a 45 minute drive one way 5 days per week, during inclement weather.

Oh, it also has the carpeted bed, wood-grain bed rails, cargo net, cargo net bar, some hardware, and some extra things.

I have not done any upgrades to it. No, it is not garaged. I do not own a garage. Again, daily driver. Fun vehicle.

I live in Saint Louis MO. If you are seriously interested, please reach out.

My reason for selling is I am in need of a 4x4 or 4 Wheel Drive vehicle. Since the pandemic started, I have been working from home, then I was moved to a hybrid schedule.

Fast forward to present day! I start a new job 8/2, and well, I am in the market for a more practical vehicle that can handle inclement weather, as I will be required to be back in the office.

Yes, it does have a lien on it, so my selling price is to cover my payoff, and have enough money for a down payment as this transaction needs to happen quickly.

Again, just testing the waters here, but I may just end up having the dealership take it as a trade-in, but then I will be upside down. Just trying to explore all of my options.

I am going to start the selling price at $19,000. Selling price could be negotiable.

Only if you are seriously interested, please send me a private message.

Here are some pictures.
Speedometer Automotive design Gauge Vehicle Odometer
Car Vehicle Grille Plant Hood
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive lighting
Car Land vehicle Automotive tail & brake light Vehicle Automotive lighting
Gear shift Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive design Steering part
Car Vehicle Gear shift White Motor vehicle


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