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I work at Delphi Automotive in WI. We have two plants here. One side builds catalytic converters, the other side builds PCM's. GM is making us reprogram the 05 SSR because it is making more HP than the 05 Vette. I am not sure if any of these SSR's got out of the door, but I will surely find out. These would be some interesting trucks. When I find out more, I will post.

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HOT SSRs!!!!!!!!

WOW that would mean they would be a rare few number of them out there... $$$$$$$ big bucks for them if the word gets out!

hmmmm would you be willing to tell us 03-04's if there is an UPGRADE PCM for our 5.3 L 300 HP trucks too?

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Better idea!!!!

Why not jus leave the PCM at the 400+ hp setting. :lol :lol That'll scare the crap outta those Vette people n a bunch more. :confused :thumbs

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