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Something for the Waterfall

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Face it, the waterfall between the seats is just begging for something to kick it up a notch. After looking at som SSr badges that could be mounted there, I decided to try an old school chevy look by applying the V 8 flags from my 68 Camaro SS. I've just got it mounted with hot glue for now to see if I want to keep it, what do you guys think?

Sorry, but jpg file to too large to attach, I'll add it to My SSR Photos
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I'm starting to like the flags, think I'll keep'em until something better comes along. I use the cart for cruising the neighborhood with friends, but not P City, near Macon. By the way, it hauls A** too :cool
Have an Extra

I ordered two emblams from Year One, if someone wants one, PM me. :flag
1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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