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dingbat said:
I think we should ban MarcNY from posting until he stops adding those ads to the bottom of his posts.
HI Dingbat and everyone else,

I honestly didn't know that was happening to me until someone else told me about it. For some strange unknown reason it looked fine on my main computer here where it was showing to me my SSR images, while it showed the ads to other computer users. Apparently there is a problem with that photo sharing site and their ads replaced my photos for some strange reason. I had asked Tom - SSRcobra how he was able to post larger images on our site. He was kind enough to tell me how he was doing it and he also recommended to me to try out that site. In Tom's defense he didn't know that would happen to me. Tom said he was looking into what may have caused that problem.

PS. Just to let everyone know, I am not trying to push or advertise for anyone on our site here. I was trying to fix the problem but that site never responded back so I am now not posting my photos with them anymore. If you or anyone else see advertisement in any of my replies please tell me and I will change my internet photo provider again ok?

PPs. If you don't see a photo of a Silver SSR below please PM me and let me know!

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Its all good. Just glad to see the great shot oof your SSR instead of the ads :)

The shots look great. If only it wasn't silver........... :lol
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