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Source for SSR coats/jackets?

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Has anyone been able to find a place that has SSR coats/jackets? Let me know...thanks :ssr
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E-Mail them

pkeinhome said:
I went to Chevy Mall. The varisty jacket is exactly what i want but it will only let me click on medium for size. i wish i was a medium, but i am not. any ideas? thanks

When I couldn't get the SSR shirt that I wanted in my size and number. I e-mailed them with the size and they e-mailed me back letting me know how long it would be before they would get some in.

I also have the SSR Black Logo jacket (light weight). I love it! I just wear my Chevy SSR sweatshirt under it if it's a little chilly.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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