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A few years ago, Linda and I arranged lunch reservations at the Hill Top Grille in Athens Georgia.
We had about a dozen trucks attend.

Some members requested that we get together again.
I believe that UGA has away games on October 29th. November 12th & 19th.
That way no one will miss the luncheon or game and the roads will be clearer on those days.

If you wish to attend, please post the date you are available so we can make reservations as soon as possible.
I will use this thread as a signup sheet.

Here is the URL for the restaurant.

Looks like Oct 29th so far, if you can make this date sign up now
Harold Mick Hewitt Jr.
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Good idea!
Debbie and I can attend on any of those dates. So whatever date you post, will be fine with us (hopefully I will have my Blur fixed by then, so I won't have to ride with Debbie)
John (12Pack)
Debbie (Dragonfly)

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My wife and I are considering making the trip from North Augusta (SC) to Athens for this gathering. We are somewhat flexible in our schedules and thus would give a final YES/NO after you pick a date. I like the 29th and since it is an AWAY game day for the Bulldogs, it might be safest time for two Gamecocks to visit Athens. 🤫

In our third, (not at same time), Slingshot Yellow SSR.

Glenn (bassclef3)

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Could probably make any date selected planning this far out. November might actually be better for us, but if Oct 29 gets the nod, we will try to make it work. The last get together was great, looking forward to Athens and the Hill Top Grille once again.
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