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Spare tire

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Does anybody out there know if the SSR bolt pattern is the same as the Trailblazer? I'd feel alot better with some sort of a spare when I'm on the road.
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Fiftysnut may have it!

For all of those that feel naked driving without a spare or run flats, our good pal fiftysnut may have a great and logical solution. Sometimes the solution is staring at us when we look under the rear valence. I for one do not feel a need, as a biker we travel all over without a spare. On the other hand I could be tricked if it was clean and easy.
Great idea!!!!
Scott Doran
Buell needs not a spare.

Bikes and SSR seem to go together.

No spare on either. I have 50,000 miles on my Buell S3T :thumbs and am only able to use it for 6 months. Spare tire does not even enter our minds.
I think that my mileage will come down on the bike and go up on the SSR. :boxing
Scott Doran
1 - 2 of 51 Posts
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