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Spare tire

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Does anybody out there know if the SSR bolt pattern is the same as the Trailblazer? I'd feel alot better with some sort of a spare when I'm on the road.
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My spareS consist of a full set of wheels/tires on standby in my garage. I found a great deal from an SSR owner that swapped out his satin wheels for the chrome option and with the price that TireRack offers - I couldn't afford NOT to have a full set on stand by.

Yeah - it does me no good if I'm not at the house when I get a flat, but just the knowledge that I have them is good enough for me.

Plus - if/when I ever smack a curb - or with this rain lately - hit a major chuckhole - I'll have a 'clean' wheel to slap right on... (FYI: I paid $500 for the 4 wheels...)

As far as 50's nut - it seems that the dealer installed option - wasn't... I've seen at least one other post that stated the tow package was still in the box - in the bed of the SSR when he took delivery. Kinda like the gauge package that was late for the 03's - that should have been a dealer installed part. (Oh don't get me going on that again...) :cuss
1 - 1 of 51 Posts
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