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Spare tire

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Does anybody out there know if the SSR bolt pattern is the same as the Trailblazer? I'd feel alot better with some sort of a spare when I'm on the road.
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spare tire

I bought a rim off of a trailblazer ( spare 17 inch salvage :thumbs ) you have to come up with a compromise between the front 255/45/19 and rear 295/40/20 the front being 28.0 inches high and the rear which is 29.3 if you go to a tire size conversion chart it will show you which sizes fall between these two heights. For instance a 225/65/17 is 28'' and a 205/70/17 is 28.3''

Don't forget a lug wrench and a scissor jack !!!
I haven't even looked at that possibility, first would the spare fit if the battery was not in the way, and second where would you put the battery if that were the case. Maybe I'll take a look at it Tomorrow and see if it looks like it's even an option. :confused
Spare Tire

I've got a Heritage and thats it , about 8000 miles and you're ready for fresh tires You're right---that could a little spendy every 8K
spare tire

Please don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that I need a spare with me every time I turn the key. BUT I'm sure you've heard of ( MURPHY'S LAW )


This is where the spare fits in--if you have one chances are you'll never need it,
BUT if MURPHY finds out that you are in the middle of nowhere w/o a spare ?????

And I also go thru two rears to one front .HMMMMMMMMM never had a spare on any of my bikes now that you mention it. ( this could be a tough one )

BILL :rolleyes:
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You're right, it's a tough decision, after we got our SSR the bike didn't get used as much as it should have. :agree
1 - 6 of 51 Posts
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