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Spare tire

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Does anybody out there know if the SSR bolt pattern is the same as the Trailblazer? I'd feel alot better with some sort of a spare when I'm on the road.
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No flat tires

Worried abot flats. Check these out. heres a pic and a link to Michelin


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Do you guys read all the threads? I put this on a couple of days ago. :lol
will those tires fit on your SSR....Dity Rick
wildcat66 said:
Do you guys read all the threads? I put this on a couple of days ago. :lol
Sorry Wildcat. I read most all posts. I missed that one. BTW: I've noticed that sometimes I loose all the unread post markings before actually reading the posts. I haven't quite figured out what causes that. One time it seemed to happen when I closed the browser by mistake, thus closing out that reading session. Maybe that was it.
Hey Beer,

You're absolutely correct. If you open your New Posts (let's say there's 15 posts) and you only read 5 of them, and then you logout, the other 10 will be marked as "READ".

Haven't figured out a way to keep the unread ones to come back next time I log on.

Comments anyone?
Beer, Buffy

I stay logged on for days at a time. It makes no difference either. Unread posts are treated as "Read" posts after a certain period of time of inactivity. I would like to see the "Read" posts removed after being opened. A comment, not a complaint.


Peace :flag

We just millered up this "Spare Tire" thread pretty well :nono
Oh we've been millered :cry :cry and we lost our thread too :cry :cry

I guess great minds think alike. :thumbs

As in Dennis Miller??

I know who he is and how he can carry on, but how did his name get associated with bending the topic of a thread?
Snap On tools has a real nice tire plug kit. That kit has saved me lots of money on tire repairs. On all my vehicles with a spare, I have never had to use the spare.
41 - 51 of 51 Posts
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