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wildcat66 said:
Do you guys read all the threads? I put this on a couple of days ago. :lol
Sorry Wildcat. I read most all posts. I missed that one. BTW: I've noticed that sometimes I loose all the unread post markings before actually reading the posts. I haven't quite figured out what causes that. One time it seemed to happen when I closed the browser by mistake, thus closing out that reading session. Maybe that was it.

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Hey Beer,

You're absolutely correct. If you open your New Posts (let's say there's 15 posts) and you only read 5 of them, and then you logout, the other 10 will be marked as "READ".

Haven't figured out a way to keep the unread ones to come back next time I log on.

Comments anyone?

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Beer, Buffy

I stay logged on for days at a time. It makes no difference either. Unread posts are treated as "Read" posts after a certain period of time of inactivity. I would like to see the "Read" posts removed after being opened. A comment, not a complaint.


Peace :flag

We just millered up this "Spare Tire" thread pretty well :nono
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