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Speaker size, sorry to beat the dead horse!

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Again I have a 2004 SSR coming any day now, and just wondering if my Focal speakers will fit in the speaker casings. I e-mailed Bose and they told me that there are two 8" Subs in the doors and 3.5" mids above them. And then behind the seats are two more 3.5" mids. Can anyone confirm these measurements, so I can see if my two 8" subs and 4 4" duals work. Thanks to anyone for the help!
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jeffroge77 said:
the doors contain a 6 inch mid bass and a tweet mounted on a plate and depending on the option they have a 4 inch speaker or a grill to which you can mount a 4 inch midrange........ a fcal 4 inch might fit into the 4 inch opening but you will have to make a minor alteration to fit in any speaker to the 6 inch and tweeter plate..... also be very very careful pulling off the door panel...... the other option for the monsoon is a 7 inch midrange not 8 inch sub
Monsoon? I didn't see anything in the owner's manual about Monsoon.

I thought the options were standard system and Bose system.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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