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I just contacted the local dealer for the speedchip programmer for the 2004 SSR the price quoted was $404.00 plus tax ? Has anyone found a cheaper price or another programmer that will do the same for a lesser price???
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I was reading through the Technical threads yesterday in this Forum and I think they listed the website to order the speedchip programmer and were offering an instant 85 dolllar rebate at time of order(shopping cart discount) but for the life of me I cannot remember the "thread". I am a new member and was "surfing " all the info, sorry! :confused
Speed Chip

The Speed Chip programmer with the 85 dollar rebate is on e-bay under chevy SSR
I couldn't find it.................
What does the Speedchip programmer do specifically for the SSR?

If this is one of the computer chip products available for various performance cars, some are good and some are a waste of money. All of them void the warranty I think.

What I would really like is a product that stiffens up the auto transmission operation. The best automatic transmission programming I have found so far ona stock vehocle is that on my 2004 Ford Escape SUV. Someone really got that one right! It has all the convenience of an automatic, but crispness and tightness reminiscent of a manual. Now that my college son has run off with that vehicle, I really miss it!

Jim G
Cause Emissions troubles?

JimGnitecki said:
What does the Speedchip programmer do specifically for the SSR?

If this is one of the computer chip products available for various performance cars, some are good and some are a waste of money. All of them void the warranty I think.
Jim G
Hi Jim,

I have heard that changing your parameters with a new computer chip will alter your emissions settings too. If that happens then it could cause your vehicle to fail a state emissions check also!
Jim, I just checked Ebay, it is still there, just do a search on "chevy ssr" and look for the "402" price and you will see the speed chip programmers with the rebate if you are still initerested. given the other posts here about warranty, etc, make sure you really WANT to do this. Keep in mind horsepower doesn't mean anything unless you are "legging it" all the time. Torque is what gives ya the cheap thrills dude! Just an opinion not wanting to start a "thread debate" :nono good luck!

They set up a 04SSR on the speed channel with this programmer and went through the whole set up.

the HP after dyno showed 18.5 more HP and 23 ft lbs of torque.
It was quite impressive. You can actually set your shift points and temp you want your cooling fans to come on, take the speed limiter off and many other nice things. it will read all info while driving if left plugged in like trans temp and other data. To reset to stock just plug it back in and all goes to factory settings with no trace.
Jim P: I did a little research for you.

The part number advertised in that eBay ad is the one for the 2003 SSR. The 04 SSR takes a different part number.

Here are the details to place an order:

SoCal Motorsports
714-724-7978 (Santa Ana, CA)
[email protected]
Superchips Microtuner 2714 (for 04 SSR) OR 2715 (for 03 SSR)
They are different!! Be sure to order the correct one.

This does indeed appear to be the best price currently.

The Superchip site verifies the hp and torque gains you quoted:
+18.7 hp
+32.8 lb ft torque (not correct to say "ft lb" - that's a unit of energy, not torque)

Reverting to stock IS easy: Just plug in the unit, follow the prompts, and one of them asks if you want to go back to stock.

Jim G
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LOTS of info on this microtuner ( NOT chip) at the Superchip website*

Here for example are the installation instructions:

Note that the dyno graph for the 5.3L engine is for the PICKUP truck version. The SSR engine improvement is larger in terms of torque.

This looks very interesting.

Jim G
Jim. reading through the info

to obtain the HP and torque increases you need to go to either 91 or 93 octane fuel. Did you notice that?


Peace :flag
Yes, but I always use the super grade of fuel in all my vehicles anyway, as I consider the generally better additive package in the more expensive grade to be good insurance against fuel injection system problems.

In the case of performance chips or programmers, the assumption of the higher octane rating allows more aggressive tuning.

Lower gains are still attained by choosing the option that allows using lower grade fuels, BUT the programmer does NOT compensate if you programmed it for 91-93 and then fill up with regular. You WILL get detonation under certain load conditions if you do that. So, if you DO go the 91-93 octane route, use 91-93 ALL the time.

Jim G
The impression I got from the literature is that only minor enhancements "provides optimum performance" occur if you stay with 87 octane fuel, ie smoother shifting, etc. The advertised advantage of microtuning occurs (18 HP, 32 lbs torque) when you use higher octanes.
Is this pretty much the way all these "microtuner brands" work?


Peace :flag
Yes. I am more used to tuning of high performance motorcycles (Ducatis, etc) where you use different programmers or chips, but the principles are always similar:

BEST results are when you do TWO things:

1. Use high octane fuel
2. Custom build a map for YOUR engine via a dyno session

But, acceptable results can be gotten other ways, in descending order of preference:

1. Use a pre-built map available from the chip or programmer supplier, and high octane fuel

2. Use pre-built map that assumes low octane fuel, and low octane fuel

The biggest gains are often at points other than "peak". On one of my Ducati bikes that has a Ducati 916 Superbike engine in it that peaks at 10,000 rpm, it picked up almost 10% power at 7000 rpm!

Jim G
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Jim found it on ebay....

Superchips microtuner listed at $402.00. They will give an Instant Rebate of $85.00 w/purchase of the item.

Superchips Microtuner
Auction does not state product for 04 SSR which is Model 2714. May need to call.

Peace :flag
Just so everyone is aware . . .

Just so everyone is aware:

I both emailed and called the seller to ask a couple of questions, and as of several hours later, no response at all. The phone line goes straight to voicemail too EVERY call.

Could be that they are VERY busy, or could be a "one-man show" or ???

Jim G
Another Sport Tuner on Ebay

A Diablo Sport Predator Turner is also listed on Ebay for $294.99

Model # U7193 is good for 2003-4 SSR's (I checked the Diablo web site)

Is this tuner any good?
mzqyl8 said:
A Diablo Sport Predator Turner is also listed on Ebay for $294.99

Model # U7193 is good for 2003-4 SSR's (I checked the Diablo web site)

Is this tuner any good?
I use the Diablo Predator and it gives the truck a nice boost, especially the firmer shifts.
Interest ion group buy?

Guys: I am talking with the vebdor who listed the Superchips Microtuner, and he is asking if there is any interest in a griup buy.

He also said that the current invebtories of the version needed for the 04 SSR are in Texas, so Jim P you should be able to pick it up in person if you want to, rather than order from the California phone number on the eBay listing.

Anyone interested: be sure to download the installation instructions from the Supervhips website, as noted above in this thread, as there is important information there on what MIGHT be required if the anti-theft measures on the SSR are activated during install. It includes things like disconnecting the battery for 1/2 hour, etc, so be sure to read the instructions as part of your evaluation of whether or not you want to do the install.

One big attraction besides the obvious power increase is the ability to tune the transmission shift points and firmness. That could be a REALLY big benefit because the stock setup is so sloppy.

Jim G
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What is the price for this? Has anyone done this already? If so How does it work?
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