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Spontaneous Erection - of the top!!!!!

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Now that I have your attention, I need help!!!!

Had the top down, entering a shopping center parking lot for a show and shine. Shifted the automatic transmission into first gear, and at the exact time I shifted into first, with the truck moving slowly, in gear, no foot on the brake, no finger on the button, the top went into a complete up cycle, locked into place, and raised the windows.

It's now locked into top up mode - can't lower the top - absolutely no response. I'm actually happy it wasn't the reverse procedure - drove 800 miles through rain to get back home.

The truck is now into the dealership, and they will go through the motions of checking it out - unfortunately, I had to describe how the top works, because the tech had never worked on an SSR before.

I'm hoping it's just the switch - possibly the sliding plastic shifter plate pushed against the wiring when shifting to first, and dislodged a wire that then shorted out??? - My foot may have been on the brake at that moment, allowing the process to occur, but I have never been able get the top down while moving before - it was all a bit like the truck was possessed by evil spirits.

It was embarrassing to be at a show and shine, and have to explain the top had just quit working. Hopefully someone has had this happen, and has a solution - major car show coming up in two weeks, and the new wheels are due in today.

Checked the archives, but couldn't come up with a similar situation.

Any takers????

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Ghost in the machine

While I can't help you with anything else, as noted before, you can 'tap' the brake and push the top up/or down button at the same time to get the top moving and it will continue to move even if you take your foot off the brake (you must continue to push the button though). But it doesn't sound like that would even have anything to do with your issue.

But I found a way to get rid of all the pollen that had accumulated inside my SSR over the past couple of weeks.....I accidentally left my top down when a passing thunderstorm went by. Luckily the leather seats dry off well. I thought for sure I was going to have some electrical problem with everything getting wet, but I had no ghosts in the machine this morning when I started it up.

PS. I don't suggest anyone else wash the inside of their truck this way :lol :lol :lol
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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