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Spring is just around the corner !

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I can't wait..... in 3 or 4 weeks we'll have the SSR back out on the road..... Let the countdown begin..... Hopefully we have the snow behind us here in Pa.....
This site is GREAT :thumbs !
But not as good as cruz'in the highways...... :cool

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She's comming out soon!!!!!!

I have decided to chance a break in the weather and prematurely wake up my SSR and take a trip south to Key West.
As soon as I get dry roads, even with snow on the ground I'm gone.
Mark we will be crossing the border at Buffalo.
1,2,3 weeks from now.
Scott & Sue #201
-5 f and snowing

Still waiting for the break in the weather.
In the last week we have had -35 f and -5 f has been the warmest.
18" of snow and salt on the roads, lots of salt.
Still waiting. :rant :rant Hope to see Daytona. Buffy & MarkNY on my trip.
Depression has set in.
Scott #201
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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