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Spring is just around the corner !

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I can't wait..... in 3 or 4 weeks we'll have the SSR back out on the road..... Let the countdown begin..... Hopefully we have the snow behind us here in Pa.....
This site is GREAT :thumbs !
But not as good as cruz'in the highways...... :cool

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Scott 0168 said:
Snow Plow Stones! I bet our southern SSR familes never or do not know what you talking about. We in the northern states unfortunatly do thou, don't we? :confused

Scott 0168 :yesnod
have no idea what a snowplow stone is and I was born and raised in the Northeast. Must have blocked it out with SPF 30
wolvareen said:
Picked up some snowplow stones today, Rebel!
Along with snow plow stones, there can also be snow plow turf. Happens when you're not careful with your blade as you're pushing the snow pile off your take a little turf, stones, the neighbor's cat, etc. One of the north's rites of spring is to see what's under that pile when it finally melts.
Nearly 50 degrees and sunny today in SW MI. Had my top down for the first time...quite the rush! Those 20 minutes of joy will help me make it through the last few weeks of winter.
Only plow I had when I was a kid had a handle on it to which I was attached.
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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