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Thanks Dave & Laurel (SSR290) for a wonderful time at the track. The weather was perfect after a rainy summer. The name tags and embroidered goodie bags were great. Sorry I could only spend one day there (due to family commitments) but it was so much fun running the track that it was worth the drive. Walter :yellow:

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Thank You

Thank You all for attending the RUN. .....I hope you all have a safe trip home.

All the planning in the world doesn't help if nobody comes to participate.
And what a group it was. :agree
About 1/3 had never been to an SSR event and didn't know what to expect.
Friday night we entered the room as mostly strangers and by Saturday night we all had made new friends.

I want to thank everyone for help keeping 30+ SSRs together and on time as we did the RUN.
Especially those who had radios and kept me and the group informed as we managed the traffic and lights.

I have created a picture thread and will be loading many of the 450 shots that Greg and I took.
Please add all you want so everyone sees what they missed.

A great big thanks to all.:liebe011::thumbs

Dave & Laurel
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