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SSR 1377 Signing On

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Hello everyone. I've been lurking a while, reading the posts as they go by. I used to be on the old SSRRs forum (JT) a long while ago, back when the rule of the day was rumor and conjecture on the SSR. I'm glad to say as of the 31st of December Redline Red 1SB #1377 has followed me home.

I've seen several posts about those of you in the snow belt hiding yours away until Spring. Here in Denver, we get an average of 300 sunny days a year, but since I've taken delivery we've had a dash of snow and a truckload of bitter cold. Guess what - the SSR is FILTHY! (Gasp!) I can't wash it until the temp cracks freezing. I can't bring myself not to drive it, though. It's rock steady, silky smooth, and simply flat out impressive how it handles and drives. I have an '01 Z28 convertible with the six speed I call my "mountain assault vehicle" because of it's ability to stick to twisty two lane Colorado roads at greater than posted speeds. In the short time I've been driving the SSR I can't help but think it could give the Z a run for it's money on the twisties. I'm already daydreaming of a sunny late spring day and the top down in the mountains... ICANTWAITICANTWAITICANTWAIT!!!

Of course, if there were measurable snow on the ground the SSR would be safely in the garage, I simply can't put it at risk.

I remember years ago as a teenager my dad had a show winning '56 Chevy custom. I loved that car, and I wondered at the time what the next timeless classic would be.

Now I know. I own it.
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:cheers Congrats on the new ride Bro! I am glad to see your driving yours too! These babies were made to be driven. I too have tested mine on the twisties down on Mackay Island, N.C. and was pretty impressed with how it stuck to the road.
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