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The almanac states that Oklahoma enjoys 343 perfectly good flying days a year. We've exhausted 15 of the 22 detrimental days this month already with no sun and 4.5" of rain this week...of course when my slingshot '05 is prepped and ready for me to take delivery! Rained again today! However I did get to visit the dealer and see it in the prep bay. The gauges are real cool and the boards.....were they reconfigured for '05 with more satin silver content on the flat surface than in the previous years? My sales person cranked it over and she sounds sweet! I hope to take delivery tomorrow if weather permits. By the way, Aubrey Chevrolet in Lawton, OK has a red '03, a black, a red, and a yellow '04, and a slingshot '05 in stock. I purchased my Slingshot 1SB with Boards and Gauges for $217 over factory invoice. They will give fantastic deals on the '03 and the '04s and probably the same on the '05 that I received. Call 580-355-3280 and ask for Alex, Kevin, or Aaron. Cleavermodels
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