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Been lying low! Don't drive the SSR much anymore. Hate to have so many people laughing at me for being such a fool. These are the same people that shook their heads when I first bought one. Now they are telling me that they knew better! I don't hold my head up like I did when I first got it. Everybody knows we were suckers now!

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Ebay home of the "Steal a Deal"

zainossr said:
Asking $33,000 look at the best bid!!!
Hey Zainossr,

You have to remember that most of the bidders on Ebay are looking to "steal-a-deal" thus there will be a host of low bidders in high hopes of getting a product for a real steal! The real proof in the pudding is the last 10 minutes of bidding when everyone that really wants the product will submitt their highest bid or perhaps just wait and wait till they find a steal.

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hold your head up

i for one am not ashamed of my ssr. i love it. it drives like a dream and leaves the old fogey-mobiles lying in the dust. i wouldn't have a four door sedan if they paid me to drive it. no car is going to be completely trouble free or perfectly designed. there are too many individual differences in taste for that. people have laughed at me for a lot or reasons in my life, but my ssr is not one of them. :flag :thumbs

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wildcat66 said:
Let 'em laugh :lol:lol:lol:lol:lol:lol:lol:lol:lol:lol
Sorry zainossr,

But I must disagree. The people who are "picking" on you are nothing more than JEALOUS of you. Believe me, owning a Harley, I get the same reaction from "these people" too. "You're crazy!" "You'll get killed!" You're too old to ride that!", I've heard them all. But everytime I ride my Hawg, I ride it smiling!

I don't care how much or how little I paid for Miss Daisy, just like my Harley, when I drive it I can't stop smiling! To me, this is worth it all.

Drive it more and enjoy it! It's yours, it's not their's!

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Hold your head up.

Hello zainossr

If you really feel that way about your SSR you do need to get rid of it.
I paid 49,250.86 for my SSR. I am not sorry at all. Nobody laughs at me.
Every body I know thanks the SSR is one of the badest rides on the road.
If you hang your head because of what other people think, that is tough.

SSR :party :flag :thumbs :cool :cheers

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Zainossr.....If you take a place a handful of crabs in a box, there are always one or two who try to climb out. The remainder of the group always try to pull the climbers back into the pack. Sounds like the situation your in.

You just need to keep climbing. :thumbs


Peace :flag
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