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Ssr Allocation Available

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Gentlemen & Ladies,

I have an allocation for an SSR in my VOMS system today that is available for sale and can be ordered to your specifications. I have until Tuesday Evening to make any necessary alterations to the vehicle including exterior colors.

I will be selling this unit at MSRP plus the .002% County business tax required by our county on every sale that generates out of this dealership and our Processing fee is $ 349.00. The 30 day drive out tag is $ 5.50. I am not required to collect your state sales taxes and registration fees if you are paying us cash. If you finance through our sources, I would be required to collect those taxes.

If you would be interested in ordering your new SSR, Please contact me as soon as possible.

I can assist you with information concerning courtesy deliveries and well as transportation charges that would be incurred if the unit is shipped from my dealership to your home.

Thanks for your time.

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This SSR has been sold by one of our salesmen to a customer in Memphis.

Please let me know if you would be interested in our next allocation.
Karl Johanson said:
and our Processing fee is $ 349.00.

Sorry that you don't like the processing fee Al. However; I prefer to disclose on the front end so as not to run into problems later. I would rather lose a potential deal than not disclose all cost involved with doing business with this company. If 349 is going to keep a customer from purchasing a $ 46000 vehicle, I would prefer to know it now.

Have a great day and thank you for expressing your opinion.
ssr available

local dealer has a red loaded ssr just in for msrp
Re: ssr available

dohyatt said:
local dealer has a red loaded ssr just in for msrp
Do they have a processing fee ?

dont know. dealer is Dave Kirk chevrolet in crossville tn you can get phone number at
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