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I have had a deposit on an SSR for about 18 months and the allocation came through recently. I have to configure it shortly so that I can get a delivery date - which the dealer says will be early '04.

Since the allocation came through I have decided that I am not really all that interested in taking delivery. I know, you are all thinking that I am wierd, but I guess the anticipation was the neat part and owning one doesn't really excite me any more.

If anyone is intrested in purchasing one that can be configured to their specs and possibly getting it much earlier than their delivery slot, contact me at the email address below and we can work out some details. The vehicle will be delivered in southwestern Indiana.

As a side note, I have purchased 8 cars from this dealer in the last three years and I am a very good customer of theirs. I will defintely get this vehicle as they are a large dealer and have confirmed the allocation.

Brad Johnson
[email protected]
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