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SSR Bed Mat

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I had the carpet kit in my 2004 SSR and I liked it a lot. Then I get my 2005 SSR without the carpet kit and I found that I really liked the look of the entire bed uncarpeted. The only thing I would want would be a bed mat just to line the bottom and to be easily taken in and out if need be.

I cannot find any after market bed mats for sale for the SSR although seems to have some kind of mat (they call it large mat, or small mat, no pictures so I am not buying). So I raise the question: What are you using as a bed mat to those that do not have a carpet kit? If you are, what are you using? And, would you post pics?Also, if anyone knows about any bed mats availble lead me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance!

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I ordered a "custom" carpet, with proper bound edges, and am really happy with the results.

The contact info is:

888-303-8586 "Mark"
You could duplicate my order no. S33405

"42" x 50" charcoal carpet for SSR, bound edges"
ordered 2-21-05 $38+$14 shipping

They have other colors, but I wanted the closest they had to pure black (NObody offers truly black carpet!), so ordered "charcoal".

Jim G


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kwhopper89: I do NOT think you could use the side saddles with my solution. I believe the side saddles requires access to the outside floor rails to fasten in, and my carpet covers those.

This was not a factor for me as I don't like the way the side saddles make the bed area far less versatile than what I want.

The SOFT side saddles, like Buffy has, MIGHT work with this arrangement.

Jim G
I've had this in place for thousands of miles now (7000 or so) and no problems so far.

Jim G
Did you actually quote my order number and price to them? If not, you should!

Or, maybe they found they lost money on mine! They did it as a fully custom job for me.

Jim G
1 - 4 of 25 Posts
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