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Hello everyone!
As I'm sure everyone is aware, Alex @CruDawg and Tina were married right before Christmas. Congrats again !(condolences to Tina)
Unfortunately I couldn't make it to the wedding so I needed a good gift to make up for it. Although belated, they received their surprise gift this week so i can now post about it to the masses.
I found this local artist to create this picture you see below. This is a full color 11 x 14 caricature. She will be able to add in all those personal items such as paint scheme, spoilers, etc. All done by emailed photos.
The price for the SSR with caricature heads is $50 plus shipping or $35 plus shipping for just your SSR. She said shipping is in a cardboard tube and around $5-$7. She said she even can frame them as well for additional cost.
Respond here or PM me and I can get you get information.

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