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Lots of Mr. Scrooge dealer reports - now for a good and jolly one: Blake Chevy, Homestead, Fl took deposit at MSRP, delivered at MSRP and, as a nice touch, gave me a packet containing an SSR brochure, a holograph brochure, dealer paint and interior sample folder and the large dealer poster in its original GM mailer. Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus as well as some GREAT dealers like Blake.

Merry Christmas and happy motoring in 2004 to all SSR fanatics.

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:cheers Nice to hear. I went to Colonial Chev. the other day to take Preston Powers, a salesperson I know, and he was pretty thrilled. MOst of these guys have not ridden in an SSr. He gave me a great CD with all Chevy Songs on it! NIce sounds...
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