It's clear Glass or hard Plastic Plaque that is approximately 5 X 7 and is made to stand on a shelf or Fireplace mantel. We won the Club participation award as we had, I think, 35 SSR's and we got to lead the Parade's 6 mile Cruise In downtown from a shopping center parking lot across the street (old City Route 66) from the Crown Plaza where we had the 2015 International). Thanks to Wild Bill Knowles and his Redline Red SSR with the 3 high flying Flags. Jan was 2nd in the FIRST SSR Raffle truck and I was 3rd in our 05 Redline Red, so we had 3 "Red Ones up front" Wild Bill was "On The Pole" and he barely got under a RR underpass. Thank you Bill !!!. Along the way we passed Tim Wilkerson's 10,000 HP Nitro Funny Car Race Shop and the famous Cozy Dog Drive In. I think all total there was 1,200 vehicles in the Cruise In. NOW if YOU are one of the 35 or so that stayed over YOU have FIRST choice !!! I said First choice and I will accept your request. Must admit I would like Wild Bill to have it since he was "up front" (after President Lincoln's convertible, that always leads the Cruise). Now the other "kicker" as S & H will probably be 20 or 25 Dollars ... PLUS I'm still looking for it in my remaining 20 plastic totes. I no it's here in this Condo someplace and I'm gonna' find it !!! What the old Rock & Roll song "Gonna' Find Her, Been a Searchin" Bobby Gene Alexander aka tennesseecozydog. 馃巸 (y) 馃巸(y)馃巸