Last year, I offered to Fanatics some custom stone coasters with an SSR design carved into each one. The coasters are made of sandstone, the kind of stone that absorbs liquids. The sandstone is quarried in the USA and they are cut and carved in Wyoming.

I just ran out of the last ones I had and wonder if more Fanatics want them. My stone guy says he can still make them so I will order more if Fanatics are interested.

Because they are made of natural stone, each coaster is different. Also, the SSR design is carved into the stone, not printed on it and the design is painted so it's easy to see. They are a half-inch thick, with a chamfer on the top edge, and a cork bottom to protect furniture surfaces. Attached are some pictures.

I can keep the cost for a set of four at $25 but the wooden holder is no longer available. If you want one or two coasters, the cost is $8 each.

Mailing for a set of four coasters is an additional $10. It should be a bit more elsewhere, depending on where. If you want only one coaster, mailing should be $5 or so.

ONE MORE THING - Since I will be at the Flagstaff Rally, you can place an order and I will bring it to the Rally for you. That way, you can save the mailing cost.

The same thing goes for the SSR Garage clocks and the plasma-cut SSR signs I have offered in the past. My supplies are limited so let me know if you are interested in either a custom SSR clock or a custom plasma-cut sign. The guy that made the signs moved out of state so the blanks I have now will be the last ones available.

I can take an order now and I can bring it to the Rally and you can save the mailing cost. The plasma-cut sign is heavy so the mailing can be over $20.

Send me a PM if you are interested in any of these and we can work out the details.