I met a guy who has a custom stone cutting and carving business. He makes all sorts of things, big and small: gravestones, signs for businesses, stone mugs, coasters, etc.

With an SSR design I sent him he made me some coasters with the design carved into each one. The coasters are made of sandstone, the kind of stone that absorbs liquids. The sandstone is quarried in the USA.

Because they are made of natural stone, each coaster is different. Also, the SSR design is carved into the stone, not printed on it. I had him paint the carved design so it's easy to see.

When I got them, I found them to be high quality: a half-inch thick, with a chamfer on the top edge, and a cork bottom to protect furniture surfaces. A set of four sits in an oak holder also with the SSR design printed on it. You can see all this in the attached pictures.

Since it was a custom order, there was a minimum number he was willing to make for me, so I have a bunch more than the set I have for myself. If you would like a set, I will sell you a set of four in an oak holder for $25, as long as my supply lasts. If you only want one or two coasters, the price is $6 each.

Mailing for a set of four coasters plus an oak holder is an additional $10 for the lower 48. It should be a bit more elsewhere, depending on where. If you want only one coaster, mailing should be $5 or so.

Send me a PM and we can work out the details.