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Well, it sold today.

I dropped out of the auction at $ 3,000.00

I had set my cap at $ 2,500.00 but went to $ 3,000.00

I really thought I was going to win it at $ 1,500.00

It sold at $ 8,000.00 plus 10% buyers floor fee.

The auction went like this : on line bidders pushed to just over $ 3,000.00, it stalled for a slight moment, then two floor bidders went after it and pushed it over the top.

I was like "damn". I'm serious, it went for way over my cap. If I would have lost it over $ 500.00, I would have been some kind of pissed off. But that spread is a serious spead.

Here is a photo of it.
It is a one of one. There are no others.

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Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive tire
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Hopefully someone will see it at a car show with their Slingshot yellow SSR! ;)

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You might be surprised how much pedal cars in good shape are worth. A friend of mine, Bob Schultz, used to find wrecks in people's gardens and restore them. He was once offered $20k for 4 of his cars and turned it down.
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