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SSR custom rear Wing, Painted to your choice of Factory color, Base coat & Clear Coat Special=$229.00+22.00 Shipping, Insured ( UPS Ground) in USA 48 States. Will post pictures soon.

Omar Fernandez

Note from BUFFY, you must be a Supporting Vendor to advertise on this site, HOWEVER, you can sell via PM's if you choose to. No telephone numbers, addresses or websites can be used unless you're a Supporting Vendor.

Feel free to contact me for details........

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Hey Bob were did you get your spoiler? Is that the one the show on e-bay? Sure looks nice. The yellow one looks nice to but IMO it's a little overpowering for the look I like. But Thats just me also mine is red so I can see how it really looks.

Thank You
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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