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Thursday Night at Zia's

Cocktails at 6 PM. Dinner at 7 PM

Thursday night at Zia's is special - the kickoff to a great weekend, and a chance to reconnect with our SSR friends and meet new ones. It's always exciting to see those colorful trucks rolling in, especially our long distance friends coming for the first time.

Zia's is in a beautiful heritage house in downtown Summerland. They do a great job of catering to our group.

Zias Stonehouse Restaurant, Summerland, British Columbia

I have again secured access to the Catholic Church parking lot across the street from Zia's for our SSRs - no door dings!!!

Route to Zia's

From Penticton, north to Summerland. Drive up the hill, continue on the highway past the first traffic light at Dairy Queen (the traffic light in the flat section several miles out of Summerland doesn't count), get into the left lane as you continue uphill. Left turn at the second light. Landmarks are an Esso station, A & W, Petro Can station, Mac's convenience store. Head south one block. Zia's is a stone building on the left, park in the Church parking lot on the right.

Coming from Kelowna, turn right at the first traffic light, follow directions above.

Zia's Menu for the evening

$28.50 Canadian/person - approx $19 US - Separate bills - Taxes and gratuity not included

Appetizer Platters to Share

Tasty selection of hot appetizers

Salad Platters to Share

Caesar, Greek and coleslaw

Main Course Choices:

All dinners are served with rice, potato and a trio of vegetables.

Thai Coconut Chicken

Tender morsels of chicken sautéed with peppers, onions and Thai curry sauce
then simmered in coconut milk

New York Steak

Broiled to your liking, topped with cafe de Paris butter

Blushing Salmon

Filet of salmon, braised and served with a rose wine sauce

Prawns Pernod

Prawns sautéed with mushrooms and finished with a splash of Pernod and cream

And just in case we have a vegetarian or two in the group, Zia's will have available:

Vegetarian Spring Rolls

Served with a sweet chili sauce

Chef's Choice of Dessert

Coffee or Tea

Please post on this thread if you would like to be added to the list - space permitting
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67 Fanatics and friends coming to Zia's

Sue and Dave
Ray and Iris
Lou and Yvonne
Donny and Lynn
Glenn and Carol
Don and Gwen
Jack and Sandi
Bob and Melinda
Gord and Ev
Dan and Karen
Ron and Jody
Dennis and Sue
Dennis and Pam
Lance and Debbi
Dona and Les
Peter and Peggy
Tom and Jacquie
Gino and Rose
George and Virginia
Art and Mary
Ernie and Anna
Paul and Darlene
Gary and Pat
David and Susan
Tom and Elaine
Peter and Cindy
Jack and Carol
Mark and Donna
Allan and Dale

Max - friend of Rope from Utah
Mike and Deb - friend of Rope from Utah

***Please check the list to see if you are correctly listed as either coming or having other commitments.

For a time, we were way over the available space (over 90 possibly attending), assuming all unconfirmed were coming. After many phone calls, I had a more accurate total, still in the mid-80s.

Special thanks to Kelly and Cyndy for organizing a group to meet at an alternate location.

We typically had between 25 and 28 trucks at the Beach Cruise, which was within the range that Zia's could handle, but 46 trucks plus several friends became logistically impossible for Zia's.

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Thanks, everyone. Keep those cards and letters coming.>:)

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Tory & Julie will see you all there!

Dan and Karen Thompson will be pleased to join and meet other SSR lovers. Our aqua blur ride is ready and excited too.
Our group is planning on being there:

Ron and Jody Hart
Dave Grijalva
David Hathcock

Max and Jackie Palmer
Mike McGovern
I will add you all to the Zia's list tonight.

Just headed out for a perfect ski day. Lots of snow, and nothing but blue sky, Gonna spend some time watching the best Freestyle skiers play in the moguls today. Finals of the Canadian Nationals happening at Apex. I'll try to get some photos of the mogul course.

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Would you all be so kind to include Mark " jester " and his first :blur: on the list for dinner at Zias? Thank you! :jester
Will do, Mark.

What happened - did your original ID get messed up? Hopefully the administrators can get you up and running again.

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Please count Dennis & Sue in. It will be tight but I think we can be there by 6.
Thanks, Dennis

Looking forward to seeing you and Sue at Zia's
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